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Amazing 10+16A+13.52mm Heat Soak Test HST Insulated Glass for Roofs China Factory


HST insulated glass
Delivery photo for heat soak testing IGUs
Heat soak test insulated glass, IGUs
Delivery photo for heat soak testing DGUs

What is HST insulated glass?

HST insulated glass also called heat soak testing insulating glazing glass, is a type of tempered glass that undergoes a specific testing process to identify and eliminate any pieces that could spontaneously break. Then process to insulated glass. This process is carried out before the sealing by insulated glass facilities to ensure the safety and durability of the glass.

During the heat soak test, the glass is placed in a special oven, known as a heat soak oven, and heated to around 555 degrees Fahrenheit (290 degrees Celsius). It’s held at this temperature for approximately two hours. This procedure accelerates the expansion of Nickel Sulfide (NiS), a common cause of spontaneous glass breakage.

The heat soak process filters out about 95% of potential problem units, significantly reducing the risk of spontaneous glass breakage in the future. Despite the high temperatures used, the process does not impair the safety class or strength of the fully tempered glass.

HST machine, heat soak testing, heat soak test tempered glass
Ready to do heat soak testing
HST machine, heat soak testing, heat soak test tempered glass
HST machine

Features of heat soak testing insulated glass

Heat Soak Tested Insulated Glass has several defining features that set it apart from conventional glass.

  • Safety: The main feature of heat-soak-tested glass is the enhanced safety it provides. The heat soak testing process helps to detect and eliminate any glass pieces that have inclusions or defects that could lead to spontaneous breakage after installation. This significantly reduces the risk associated with tempered glass.
  • Durability: Despite being subjected to high temperatures during the heat soak testing, the strength and safety class of the glass remain unimpaired. This makes it highly durable and able to withstand challenging conditions.
  • Quality Assurance: The heat soak testing acts as a quality assurance measure, ensuring that any potentially problematic glass is identified and removed before installation.
  • Greater Thermal Resistance: Heat-soaked insulated glass has a higher resistance to thermal stress compared to ordinary tempered glass. This makes it suitable for applications where significant temperature variations are expected.
  • Wide Application: Due to its enhanced safety and durability, heat soak testing insulated glass is used in a variety of applications, including architectural projects, public spaces, and high-rise buildings.
  • Reduced Spontaneous Breakage: The primary purpose of heat soak process is to reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage by accelerating the expansion of Nickel Sulfide inclusions, which are a common cause of such breakages in tempered glass.

It’s important to note that while the heat soak process significantly reduces the risk of spontaneous breakage, it doesn’t completely eliminate it. Therefore, factors like the type of glass, its intended application, and the acceptable level of risk should be considered when deciding whether to use heat soak process insulated glass.

Roofs and skylights, HST frit Insulated glass
Roofs and skylights projects use HST frit Insulated glass

The specification of heat soak process double glazed laminated glass

Product NameHeat soak process IGUs, laminated IGU
Thickness of Glass10+13.52mm, 23.52mm, other thicknesses can be customized
Thickness of Spacer16A, others have 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 18A, 19A, 21A
The Insert Gas OptionAir, others can choose argon, krypton, and so on
Color of SpacerBlack, silver, natural, brown
Limit Dimension of Glass2600x5000mm, others need to increase the glass thickness
ProcessingCharges depend on requirements
Lead Time20-25 days
Samples TermCharges depends on requirements

Why Choose us as your heat soak test IGU supplier?

Professional production facilities of HST DGUs

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Strict inspection of HST laminated insulating glazed glass

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Strong packaging and loading for heat soak testing IGU

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