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IGCC Certified 8+12A+8mm Low E Grey Color Best Insulated Glass


What is Low E grey color best insulated glass?

First, we need to know the Low E grey color best-insulated glass also called grey Low E insulating glass panel, which uses one pane of grey tempered glass, and another one is Low E tempered glass, often comes from Dragon Glass, and also can use other brands like XYG, CSG, AGC, Pilkington, and PPG, and meet different projects uses.

Grey Low E IGUs have a wonderful surface for decorative effects, and also a good solar performance on temperature control in scorching areas. This kind of IGU unit is used for many areas, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

grey Low E insulated glass panels, best insulated glass
Delivered photos for grey Low E insulated glass panels
insulated glass panels
Delivered insulated glass panels

Features of grey Low E best insulated glass

Energy Efficiency

Reduces heat loss during colder months by reflecting infrared radiation back into the interior. Limits solar heat gain during warmer months by blocking a significant portion of infrared rays.

UV Protection

Filters reduce the transmission of harmful UV rays, which helps protect interior furnishings and materials from fading and damage.

Visible Light Transmission

Maintains good levels of natural light, allowing for a comfortable and well-lit interior while reducing glare.

Aesthetic Appeal

The grey tint can add a subtle aesthetic touch to the glass, enhancing the appearance of the building or structure.

Comfort and Temperature Control

It provides improved thermal comfort by reducing the impact of external temperature extremes.

Environmental Benefits

Contributes to energy efficiency, potentially reducing the need for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and lowering overall energy consumption.

What is the insulated glass panels cost?

Actually, there are many factors that influence the price of insulating glass:

  • Dimension: different dimensions might influence the price, as we need to cut the glass size, so the cutting rate is less than 80%, the cost will increase more because one float glass sheet can cut one cut-size glass.
  • Thickness: if 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm thicknesses are often used for IGU, or laminated glass, if 15mm, or 19mm, the cost will be higher, as the market is not used very often.
  • Shape: different shapes will increase the production difficulty and also the time cost will increase.
  • Color: normally the colorless, ultra clear will not have a big influence, but tinted glass, Low E, and reflective color will influence the cost.

Specification of best insulated glass

Product NameGrey Low E insulating glass panel, grey Low E insulated glass walls, roofs
Thickness of Glass8+8mm, others have 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 10+10mm
Thickness of Spacer12A, others have 6A, 9A, 15A, 16A, 19A, 21A
The Insert Gas OptionAir, others can choose argon, krypton, and so on
Color of SpacerBlack, silver, natural, brown
Limit Dimension of Glass2500x4800mm, others need to increase the glass thickness
ProcessingHoles, logo, edges, shaped, curved
Lead Time15 days
Samples TermCharges depends on requirements

Why choose SDG as grey Low E best insulated glass factory?

Professional production facilities of the grey Low E insulated glazing unit

Dragon Glass have advanced 6 tempered furnaces, 3 Autoclave, 5 insulating sealing machine, a cutting line with CNC technical, 12 lines for edging, and different holes drilling machine that can meet different clients’ requirements.

grey Low E insulated glazing unit
QA, QC, glass inspection

Strict inspection of grey tinted color Low E insulating glazed panel

Pieces by pieces, or inspection from third-party also workable. We are very confident in our products.

If you want to get more information, you can check about us in our website, our team also can help with your questions soon.

Strong packaging and loading for color-tinted Low E IGU

To ensure safety during the long-term shipment by sea, Dragon Glass designs very good packages and reduces loss if have transportation problems.

packing of glass

Application of grey Low E insulating glazing panel

Grey Low-E best insulated glass is suitable for conservatories and similar structures, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature while allowing the occupants to enjoy the outdoor views.

Low E Grey Color Best Insulating Glass curtain walls

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