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Excellent Thermal Performance 8+16A+8.76mm laminated Insulated Glass Walls for High-rise Building


Nice laminated insulated glass walls delivered

What are laminated insulated glass walls?

Laminated insulated glass walls also called laminated IGU glass walls or laminated double glazing walls, often use one piece of monolithic glass and one piece of laminated, the middle uses an aluminum spacer inserted with the gas, then completed.

There are several choices for glass, Dragon Glass can use clear tempered glass, Low E glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, coated glass, ceramic fritted glass, and laminated glass can use Vanceva PVB, saflex acoustic PVB, or others. All glass can be customized by owners’ and architects’ requests.

These types of glass walls are commonly used in high-rise commercial and residential buildings, providing a balance between safety, energy efficiency, and comfort. They are particularly popular in spaces where natural light is desired, but thermal and acoustic considerations are also important.

laminated insulated glass walls

Specification of laminated insulated glass walls

Glass Typelaminated igu glass for wall, laminated double glazed glass wall
Glass Thickness8+16A+8.76mm
Spacer Thickness16A, others can be 6A, 9A, 12A, 21A, 23A, 27A
Spacer ColorNormal, black, silver, brown, and so on
Minimum Order Quantity100 SQM
Dimension limit2600x4000mm, all size can be customized
ProcessingHoles, edges, shaped, bent, heat soak test
Delivery Time20-25 days
Payment TermT/T via bank, cash, and so on
Lami insulated glass high rise building
Lami insulated glass high-rise building

What advantages of laminated insulating glass wall?

Safety: The laminated glass provides safety by holding shattered glass together, reducing the risk of injury.
Sound Insulation: The combination of laminated and insulated glass also contributes to sound insulation, reducing external noise penetration into the building.
Thermal Insulation: The insulated glass component helps in controlling temperature and improving energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer through the wall.UV Protection: The interlayer in laminated glass often provides UV protection, preventing the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays into the interior spaces.
Laminated insulated glass for exterior walls
Different types of lami insulated glass samples

Application for 8+16A+8.76mm laminated Insulated Glass Walls

High-rise building

Considering the safety and comfort of higher floors, glass is typically used in the form of a laminated insulating glass structure. This greatly enhances its safety, and when combined with the thermal properties of Low E insulating glass, it is widely applied in these projects.


If the budget is limited and the height is not too high, using a single piece of tempered glass is also feasible. However, as a professional glass factory, we still recommend using laminated glass or laminated insulating glass panel. Laminated insulating glass may have a higher budget, but the energy-saving benefits and safety features it provides are unparalleled by other types of glass.

Cold area or the area needs to be silence

Why do cold regions need this type of glass? On the one hand, there is heavy wind and snow, requiring high-strength glass. In this case, laminated glass is a good choice, and excellent insulation is also needed. Therefore, insulated glass is the preferred option. Additionally, quiet places benefit from laminated insulated glass. On the one hand, the sound insulation value of laminated glass is relatively high, and when combined with the sound insulation effect of insulated glass, the STC value can reach 42 or even more. If your budget allows, using Acoustic PVB glass would be excellent.

Why Choose Dragon Glass?

Excellent packages, and an inspection team when you order from us, and besides, fast and high-quality after-sale service will be a good option from you to select us.

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