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Curved Double Pane Glass

Amazing Decorative Effects for Buildings

What is Curved Double Pane Glass?

Curved double pane glass which is a kind of IGUs, through hot bending, and tempered or non tempered to realized different shapes. Ideal for refrigeration units and energy-rated windows, double-glazed units greatly reduce condensation and can be made with either float, toughened, or laminated curved glass. Would you like to use it for your new projects? 

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FAQ of Curved Double Pane Glass

Curved glass costs will be influenced by several factors, such as Glass color; Drilling holes or not; Size: as it will influence the cutting rate; Quantity: large quantity, cheaper price; Further Processing: if needed laminated, insulated, silkscreen printed, colored PVB, etc 

Our MOQ of double-glazed glass is 30SQM will be better, as glass is fragile, if the quantity is too small, the package of glassship by sea or air is not safety.

Sure! You can replace one of the pieces of glass with one-way glass that allows you to see out, but the outside only sees a mirror. 

Double-glazed curved glass is a panel comprised of two panes of glass bonded together by a spacer, separated by a gas-filled space between. The idea behind this type of unit is to offer both heat and sound reduction. Curved laminated Glass is a panel made by laminating two or more sheets of glass with a PVB interlayer in between them. This type of glass helps block out 99% of UV light. They are effective in reducing noise, and when it breaks, they will remain intact in the opening, its safety glass. Well, as we said, it depends on your goals. If you are looking to reduce noise, then you can actually get much better performance out of thick laminated curved glass compared to double-glazed curved glass. However, if you are also looking to reduce the amount of heat transfer, then you could opt for double-glazed glass. 

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