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Jumbo Size IGUs

What is Jumbo Size IGUs?

Jumbo Size IGUs also called over sized insulated glass, and large size of Double pane glass, which dimension oftenly over than 2440x3660mm, which need special machine and processing.

Specification of Jumbo Size IGUs

Suggest the thickness shall over than 8mm (5/16) at least, until 19mm (3/4), some size if need the thickness thinner, like 6mm with big size, shall confirmed by our team.

The big width of IGUs can reach 2,700mm (around 9′), maximum width reach 3,300mm (around 130”), the big height of IGUs can reach 8,000mm (around 315”), maximum height reach 18,000mm (around 60′)

The dimension suitable for clear glass, low iron glass. The other type shall be confirm, like Low E glass, digital printed glass, ceramic fritted glass. The tinted glass and reflective maximum size is 2440x3660mm, if have color requirement of IGUs, we suggest do laminated glass, or screening or printing on it.

Polish edging, drilling holes, shaped, curved glass all okay. The curved glass maximum size depends on radius, shall confirmed with our team.

Considering the float glass preparation, the normal time at around 15-40 days, if have stocks of jumbo size float glass, we can finish soon.

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