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Insulated Glass for Refrigerator Doors

A Nice Choice for Refrigerator Doors

Insulated glass for refrigerator doors also called IGUs Freezer Cabinets, which could help refrigerators to isolate the heat transfer. With low e coating applied on the glass surface, the IGU glass can achieve a U value lower than 1.8W/m2K, which means you could keep the cooling environment inside the refrigerator, therefore saving the electric power supply.

Insulated Glass for Refrigerator Doors

Specification of Insulated Glass for Refrigerator Doors

Production Name: insulated glass upright refrigerator doors, Upright Cooler with Glass Door.

Glass Thickness: normally at 14mm, also can be customized.

Glass Color: clear, ultra clear, or others.

Glass shape: flat, or curved is available, Please contact our team we can give you our professional solution.

Process: coating, cutting, edging, tempering, insulating, printing, etc.

Quality: CE/ASTM/AS/ISO9001/BS/CE.

Capacity: 1000SQM/day, curved shall be negotiated.

The Insulated glass of Dragon Glass is used for refrigerator doors, making them highly energy efficient because they consume no energy, which helps to reduce the impact of the refrigeration system on the environment.