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Insulated Glass for Skylight

Professional at Insulated Glass for Skylight

Insulated glass for skylight is kind of roof application, which oftenly use for the building, house top which need more sunlight, and also good vision at daytime or nighttime, which also a modern projects nice choices.

Image this, if your project have Insulated glass for skylight at top, users can enjoy the sun, good vision at the same time, even they can climp there, open it to see outside nice views, that’s will be a cool thing, is it?

So what’s will be a good choice of IGUs for skylight, let’s see next part of explanation.

IGUs for Skylights Use
IGUs for Skylights Use
IGUs for Skylights Use
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What kind of IGU Glass Suitable for Skylight?

The preferred glazing for skylights is insulated glass and there are several variations of glass to choose from. Similar advantages have more sophisticated appearance, clear view at glass surface, customized size, shapes available, scratch not easily, excellent UV protection.

And what about the difference between different kinds of IGUs?

Which use two pieces of glass, what the glass processor can do is made of tempered glass, they can support heavy pressure from the top, but it’s might meet some problems, when glass break, still have big fall down ricks. The cost cheaper.

This type combine three pane of glass with two aluminum spacer, with very good temperature control porformance, suitable for winter, or some area very cold, or in a high altitude areas, or plateau areas use, but still have a problem with breaks. The cost at middle.

It’s a high safety items. Which normall have one piece of laminated glass, which can be float laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, or heat strengthened laminated glass. It’s a high performance for support and safety, even though the glass have break ricks, they can not fall down, as there have PVB film or SGP film can make the break pieces on the film. The cost will be higher than normal IGUs.

It’s a nice item for decoration, according to designer or owner’s ideas, we can realize the shapes you want.

It’s depends on the support, considering laminated IGUs or multi-layers laminated IGUs to make sure safety.