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Insulated Glass for Windows

Professional at Insulated Glass for Windows

Insulated glass for windows, which use Dragon Glass high quality double pane for different kinds of windows uses, such as sliding windows, swing windows, folding windows and so on, which it’s a good way to replace the annealed glass, tempered glass, safer and very good performance at solar control. It’s the best choice in modern residential, commercial, public projects.

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Sliding Windows with DGUs

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Recommend insulated glass type: Double glazing, triple glazing, blinds between glass

Sliding windows are divided into horizontal sliding windows and vertical sliding windows according to different sliding directions.

Sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical cost and good airtightness. It adopts high-grade slide rails, which can be opened flexibly with a slight push. If use jumbo size glass, it not only increases indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. window

There are different types of glass options for sliding windows. If choose to use insulating glass, then its sound insulation, heat insulation, and thermal insulation performance will be significantly improved.

Swing Windows with DGUs

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Recommend insulated glass type: Double glazing, triple glazing, blinds between glass

Swing windows are divided into push-pull and top-hung. Its advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inward-opening type is convenient for cleaning the window; the outward-opening type does not take up space when opened. The disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of vision is not wide.

Insulating glass is also widely used in swing window projects. Due to its unique properties, the advantages of swing windows are magnified, and it is a nice choice for modern projects.

Folding Windows with DGUs

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Recommend insulated glass type: Double glazing, triple glazing

1. Save space in the house.

2. Very good thermal insulation, cold and heat insulation effect.

3. Convenient and conducive to indoor ventilation.

4. Anti-theft and high security.

What needs to be considered is that if the folding window uses insulating glass, the thickness and size of the glass must be considered. If it is too large, the load-bearing issue needs to be considered.

4+4mm, 5+5mm is the recommended glass thickness, spacer can choose 6A, 9A.