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5 Solutions for Durable and Strong Packages of Sealed Insulating Glass


When it comes to packaging sealed insulating glass units (IGUs), durability and strength are non-negotiable. These glass units not only play a crucial role in maintaining indoor temperature but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a building. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that these units are packaged securely and robustly.

Today, Dragon Glass shares five solutions to help achieve durable and strong packages for sealed insulating glass.

sealed insulating glass, insulated spandrel glass, clear ig glass
sealed insulating glass, insulated spandrel glass, clear ig glass

1-Opt for packaging of sealed insulating glass made from high-quality plywood materials

Dragon Glass collaborates with top-notch packaging manufacturers within China to procure excellent plywood. This plywood has a higher density, making it heavier but more sturdy than the typical plywood. Therefore, when comparing prices with other suppliers, you need to take into consideration the packaging aspect. Given that insulated glass sheet is fragile, good packaging often provides better protection for the glass.

The following is a comparison of different packaging methods. As you can see from the first image, the packaging is moldy. If it goes through a long sea voyage, the packaging is likely to fall apart, leading to glass damage and a series of safety issues. The second picture shows Dragon Glass‘s warehouse. You can see that all our packaging uses brand-new plywood, with no cracks or mold issues on the surface. Moreover, when we ship out the glass, we treat the inside of the package as mold. When our customers receive these glasses, the plywood boxes are still in their best condition.

IGU packages
Poor quality of plywood packages of glass
IGU packages
Dragon Glass high-quality plywood packages of glass

2-Choose appropriate internal cushioning pads and protective materials.

IGU packages
Inside of the plywood crates

As you can see from the above picture, inside the plywood box, we use appropriate cushioning pads and protective materials to prevent the sealed insulating glass from breaking due to shaking during transportation. Of course, if customers have specific requirements for the protection of the edges of the glass, we will also use corner protectors to safeguard the edges of the IGU glass.

3-Way to separate each IGU glass panel

IGU packages, corks separate
IGU packages, papers separate
IGU packages, individual package

Regarding this solution, it depends on the customer’s requirements. If the customer’s budget is limited, we will need to use paper to separate each piece of glass. Under normal circumstances, we would use cork pads to separate the glass, which is more effective in preventing collisions and scratches. Of course, individual packaging for each piece of furniture glass is the best packaging method. The three pictures above show different separation methods. If you have any custom requirements, we can also meet them. You just need to contact us.

4-Outside use screws and strong steel belts

After finalizing the details of the internal packaging of insulated glass panels wholesale, the outside, screws are used for fixation. The method of fixation is also very important. Dragon Glass uses unique fixation techniques and considerations to ensure that even if there is significant damage to the packaging, the screws will not harm the glass and cause breakage, maximizing safety.

Additionally, on the outer layer of the plywood packaging, we use high-quality steel straps for fixation. These steel straps are all from large factories in China and have endorsements from quality inspection agencies. They almost never break unless there is a major transportation accident.

Steel belt and screws for fixed the whole plywood crates

5-Loading IGUs panel in containers fixing

After all the plywood packaging is completed, we need to load all the packages into the container. Inside the container, we will use many steel straps to secure them, and then use wooden boards in the middle to stabilize the sealed insulating glass on both sides. In this way, even if there is a major transportation accident, the package can hardly shake, which ensures the safety of the IGUs glass panel to a greater extent.

Igus glass loading
Padel court glass loading
Laminated glass loading

These are the 5 packaging solutions from Dragon Glass. From the above article, it can be seen that we are a supplier who pays great attention to packaging. Of course, this also increases our costs to a certain extent, but all of our customers are satisfied with this because when they receive the goods, everything is fine, and they do not need to pay any losses due to packaging issues. This is also an advantage of Dragon Glass. We believe that although the quality of glass is very important, packaging is even more important. Even if there is no problem with the production, poor packaging leading to breakage will result in a huge loss.

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