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Super Performance Triple Silver Low E 6+16Ar+6mm Insulated Glazing Units for Windows China Factory


What are triple silver Low E 6+16Ar+6mm insulated glazing units?

Triple silver Low E 6+16Ar+6mm insulated glazing units also called triple silver Low emissivity double glazed glass, which one pane of high performance of 6mm triple silver Low E glass with 16mm argon gas inserted spacer, and one pane of clear tempered glass in 6mm, this can ensure a good U value at around 1.5W/m2·K, and still at a very good transmission at around 70%. This kind of glass is widely applied in windows, doors, and also skylights, and curtain wall systems, which have very good temperature control and noise reduction effects.

Dragon Glass use triple silver Low E glass mostly from top brand in China, Xinyi Glass, China South Glass, Taiwan Glass, Jinjing Glass (PPG), and SYP (Pilkington glass), besides, we also have our 200 meters coating line for matching what the technical data you need.

IGUs Sample room
Different types of Triple silver Low E IGUs, double silver Low E DGUs

How much better will Low E coating get in the future? and What are the layers in a Low E coating?

triple silver low e insulated glazing units, insulated low e glass
This diagram advise the general structure of a triple silver Low E coating IGUs with thicknesses of each layer.

Modern architecture often uses multi-layer Low E coating IGUs coverings to enhance the view and daylighting. Because the glass curtain wall is usually the most prominent part of a building, the optical quality of the glass and its coatings gives a defining aesthetic. The beauty of most glass is largely determined by the low emissivity (or Low E) coatings on the glass.

These coatings prevent solar radiation from passing through the front of the glass and prevent radiant heat from escaping the building by reflecting off the back of the glass. Low E coatings often give a poor mirror-like appearance to glass curtain walls; however, they are necessary because glass is a poor insulator. Therefore, the demand for thermal performance and the desire for non-reflective aesthetics are directly conflicting.

To strike a balance between the aesthetics and thermal performance of glass curtain walls, windows, careful selection of low-emissivity coatings, glass, and materials that make up the curtain wall structure is required. We use analytical tools to quantitatively determine the thermal performance and optical quality of our designed glass curtain walls and windows. In pursuit of glass curtain walls with optimal thermal performance and visual clarity, we often have to look for the latest available coating technologies.

The latest low-emissivity coating technology on insulated Low E glass contains three silver layers and multiple ceramic layers. These coatings are called “triple silver” low-emissivity coatings, which can provide up to 70% visible light transparency and 30% thermal performance compared to “double silver” low-emissivity coatings. Dragon Glass has recently been able to offer these coatings by optimizing the manufacturing process, applying materials in thinner layers, making the glass more transparent, and enhancing thermal performance.

The thickness and composition of each layer are specially designed to form a highly tuned filter that only passes visible light while reflecting near-infrared (solar heat) and far-infrared (radiant heat). Our analysis of spectral test data from two different triple silver coatings of insulated low e glass shows that triple silver coatings are very effective at only passing visible light, and there is almost no room to improve their thermal performance.

triple silver low e insulated glazing units, insulated low e glass
The transmission spectral data of 6mm low-iron glass (91% VLT), double silver low-emissivity coating (81% VLT), triple silver low-emissivity coating (77%), and ideal coating (75% VLT), all use 6mm low-iron glass. Although the ideal coating is technically unfeasible, it can neutrally transmit all visible light while very effectively selectively reflecting ultraviolet, near-infrared solar gain, and infrared radiant heat.

The analysis shows that the triple silver coating of insulated Low E glass provides a significant thermal performance advantage without sacrificing visual clarity. In addition, Dragon Glass and other high-quality suppliers in China are gradually improving current coating technology through manufacturing process optimization. Currently, Taiwan Glass has launched a four-layer or coated product, and we are also looking forward to the emergence of more new technologies in the future.

Specification of triple silver Low E coated IGU glass unit

Product NameTriple silver Low E coated IGU glass unit, Triple silver Low E IGUs, Triple Low E insulated glass panel
Thickness of Glass6+6mm, others can use from 3+3mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, etc…
Thickness of Spacer16mm, others can use 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 19mm, 21mm
The Insert Gas OptionArgon, others can choose air, krypton, and so on
Color of SpacerBlack, silver, natural, brown
Limit Dimension of Glass2600x4800mm, others need increase the glass thickness
U valueAround 1.5 W/m2·K
ProcessingCharges depend on requirements
Lead Time20 days
Samples TermCharges depends on requirements

Why Choose Dragon Glass as the triple silver Low-E IGUs?

Professional production facilities of triple silver Low E coating IGUs

Advanced tempered furnace, Autoclave, insulating sealing machine, cutting line with CNC technical, 12 lines for edging, and different holes drilling machine can meet different client’s requirements.

Dragon Glass production facilities

Strict inspection of failed triple silver Low E coating IGUs unit products

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Strong packaging and loading of double-pane glass for sale

Packaging for Insulated glass units
Packaging for Insulated glass units
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Besides Low E coating insulated glazing units from Dragon Glass, we also provide other kinds of glass coating glass from our own brand or International brands, such as AGC, PPG, Pilkington, CSG, Xinyi Glass, Taiwan Glass, Jinjing Glass, and so on.

Applications of Low E coating insulated glass panels

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Different Project use IGUs panel

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