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Amazing Jumbo Size 2.4×6.3m Energy Efficient Double Glazing Supplier in China


Energy Efficient Double Glazing
Oversized IGUs
big glass, jumbo size glass
Jumbo size DGUs

What is oversized energy efficient double glazing?

Oversized energy efficient double glazing also called big size energy-saving insulating glazed glass, often uses two or three panes of tempered glass, Low E glass, or other types, the length shall be over than 4m, or more, or which width over than 2440mm, this kind of glass often uses for some areas, the owner needs a broader perspective in the building.

Besides jumbo-size tempered insulated glass, laminated glass can also be applied in this system, please notice, that the length has already reached 6.3m, the minimum thickness of glass is 10mm, if the thickness can not reach 10mm, there is a big potential safety problem.

What about the features of oversized energy-saving double-glazing?

Dragon Glass provide oversized energy efficient double glazing refers to large-sized windows or glass panels that incorporate double-glazing technology for enhanced energy efficiency. This design provides several benefits, and when applied to oversized windows, it can have additional advantages.

Improved Insulation

The double glazing helps to reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a building, providing better insulation. This is particularly important for larger windows, which can be a significant source of heat loss or gain.

Energy Efficiency

By reducing the amount of heat that escapes or enters a building, oversized energy-saving double glazing contributes to overall energy efficiency. This can lead to lower heating and cooling costs, as the windows help maintain a more consistent indoor temperature.

UV Protection

The two layers of glass in jumbo size IGU glass double glazing can help block a significant amount of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. This not only protects occupants from UV exposure but also helps prevent fading of furniture, carpets, and other interior furnishings.

Aesthetic Appeal

Oversized windows with energy-saving double glazing can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building by providing expansive views, allowing more natural light, and creating a sense of openness.

energy efficient double glazing, jumbi size glass, huge glass

More photos for energy-saving Jumbo size IGU glass

energy efficient double glazing, jumbi size glass, huge glass
Average the length over 5m, and width over 2.3m

What the price of energy efficient large-sized IGU?

It’s a good question, but we can not provide the pricing for now, as the budget is influenced by so many factors:

  1. Glass actual size: glass with lengths over 5m, 8m, 10m, or 12m, has different costs, if the length is too big, the processing difficulty will gradually increase, and the risk of glass breakage will also be great, so more costs will be required;
  2. Glass thickness: some customers considering the budget and weight load in the building, will consider using the thinner thickness of glass, even though we can use 8mm glass for a 5m glass, the processing difficulty will increase, and if need much thicker one of glass, such as 15mm or 19mm, the budget also different;
  3. Glass color: some will use Low E glass, and sometimes will be tinted glass or reflective glass, they have different costs;
  4. Glass type: if only two monolithic pieces of glass combine to IGU, the cost is no more different, if one piece of glass is laminated glass or frit glass, their costs are not the same;
  5. More processing: if making holes, doing a black aluminum spacer, or needing a warm edge strip, the glass becomes shaped, and costs will be different.

What is the specification of energy-saving jumbo size IGU glass

Product NameEnergy saving large-sized IGU, energy efficient big size of insulating glass
Thickness of Glass10+10mm, others have 8+8mm, 12+12mm, 15+15mm, 19+19mm
Thickness of Spacer9A, 12A, 15A, 16A, 19A, 20A, 21A
The Insert Gas OptionAir, others can choose argon, krypton, and so on
Color of SpacerBlack, silver, natural, brown
Limit Dimension of Glass2400x6300mm, other dimensions can be customized
ProcessingHoles, logo, edges, shaped, curved
Lead Time25 days
Samples TermCharges depend on requirements

How Dragon Glass produce energy saving large-sized IGU?

coating line for IGU

Coating line for huge-sized IGUs

Our coating line has 22m and can meet any big-size glass coating to Low E glass, or solar reflective glass after that tempering the glass.

Tempered machine for jumbo-sized energy efficient double glazing

Our tempered machine length can reach 12m, and width can adjust to 3m, meet different project requirements, the self-explosion rate of less than 0.3%.

The curved tempered glass length can reach 6m, and width at 2.4m.

If you have any requirements on this, kindly contact us.

tempered glass, land glass machine, north glass machine

Quality inspectors who work hard ensure that every piece of glass delivered to customers is perfect.

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Very safety packages for jumbo size IGU glass

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