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Insulated Glass for Doors

Professional at Insulated Glass for Doors

Insulated glass for doors, so many customers also called DGUs, double glazed units, which widely use for doors projects, such sliding doors, single & double doors (swing doors), folding doors, and so on, the insulating glass endows the doors with the characteristics of good sound insulation, good heat insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer. At the same time, the insulating glass is tempered and has excellent safety performance.

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Sliding Doors with Insulated Glass

Using glass as a sliding door has the functions of visual transparency and magnifying the space. The glass sliding door is equivalent to an active partition, and has the dual functions of open space and partition at the same time.

Most of the glass sliding doors use aluminum alloy as the frame, which is very light in texture. In terms of glass material selection, from colorless double glazed glass to translucent frosted insulating glass, or digital printing DGUs, silk printing insulating glass with excellent decorative effect, lacquered insulating glass, etc., all this can show different decorative effects.

Swing Doors with Insulated Glass

When it comes to swing glass doors, we believe that everyone are familiar with them. Currently, swing glass doors can be seen everywhere, such as hotels, shopping malls, offices, etc. Swing glass doors not only have the function of partition, but also play a beautiful role. , The effect of easy observation, such as the side-opening glass doors of hotels and shopping malls, the decoration and decorations inside can be seen at a glance, while in the office, the side-opening glass doors play a transparent and observable role.

IGUs as swing door part, which can makes it’s sound and heat insulation, and also have a good solar performance for that.

Folding Doors with Insulated Glass

Folding glass door is a kind of door with multiple folding shapes, which track width is very small, and it only needs to occupy a very small space on the window sill, making the installation of curtains and screens more convenient. It is easy to move and has a good ventilation effect.

Insulating glass folding doors are generally made of toughened glass. Such doors will have a good decorative effect and are extremely safe.

The glazed glass folding door is very practical, novel in style, easy to push and pull, and very convenient to use. At the same time, it also has good cold insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, fireproof and sound insulation properties.